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Resin Tabletop Sports Ball Blocks

Sports themed resin tabletop blocks perfect for little gifts for those hard to buy for men in your life (and women!).
"I Love Baseball" and features a baseball, catcher's mitt and bat on top.  Measures 5"x1.5".
"I Love Basketball" and features a basketball, referee whistle and court sneaker on top.  Measures 5.5"x1.5".
"I Love Football" and features a football, silver helmet and football cleat on top.  Measures 5"x1.5".
"I Love Golf" and features a green golf bag, golf ball and three golf clubs on it.  Measures 3"x2".
"I Love Soccer" and features a soccer shoe, leg guards and a soccer ball on it.  Measures 3.5"x1.5".
"I Love Tennis" and features a tennis racquet and tennis ball on it.  Measures 3.5"x1.5".
"I Love Bowling" and features two bowling pins and a black bowling ball on it.  Measures 4.5"x2.5".
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Price  $ 4.00
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