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Christmas Ceramic Candle Crocks

Ceramic candle crock measures 5"x4"x4" and is screen-printed with a holiday design.  The back of the crock reads "Merry Christmas" and it has a removable lid.  Vanilla scented candle has a 36 hour burn time, and the crock is reusable once the candle is gone.  "Homes for the Holidays" features a snowman peeking through a birdhouse decorated wreath, "Winter Welcome" features a snowman decorating a tree, and "Snowman Sled" features a snowman in a sledding scene.  Please select either Winter Welcome, Homes for the Holidays or Snowman Sled when ordering.

 Homes for the Holidays
 Winter Welcome
 Snowman Sled
Price  $ 9.00
Christmas Decorations
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